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Dr. David Rankin is currently Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Florida and is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  David Rankin M.D. practices Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery throughout Palm Beach County. His main focus and passion has become Breast Explant Surgery. His advanced training, attention to detail and natural artistic skills help him achieve beautiful patient results.  Dr. Rankin has appeared in many local and national publications including The Doctors, Inside Edition, Daily Mail, People, US Weekly and more.

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Can you imagine a world where the journey to natural beauty outweighs the allure of extreme cosmetic alterations? Today, Dr. David Rankin, Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Mary's Medical Center in Florida, and I discuss the emerging awareness of breast implant illness and the growing trend toward embracing one's natural physique. Dr. Rankin shares his extensive expertise, providing insights into the complexities of breast explantation and the meticulous process required for removing implants and scar tissue.

Dr. Rankin sheds light on the significant health risks associated with breast implants, including symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, and memory loss. We discuss the rise in demand for explant procedures and the differences between silicone and saline implants alongside black box warnings. Delve into the challenges faced by surgeons during explantation, especially when dealing with ruptured implants and complications such as hematomas. Gain an understanding of the aesthetic concerns post-explant and potential solutions like breast lifts and fat grafting, particularly for patients with minimal breast tissue or those who have undergone mastectomies.

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