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Unlock the secrets to reversing digestive issues and autoimmune diseases with our special guest, Josh Dech, an ex-paramedic turned holistic nutritionist.  Josh Dech is an x-paramedic, holistic nutritionist, and a medical lecturer, specializing in digestive diseases.  Josh works with clients to uncover the causative factors causing these symptoms to help reverse these disease states.  Get in touch with Josh here:  https://gutsolution.ca/about.  He is also the creator and podcast host of https://www.reversablepod.com/.

We tackle the often embarrassing topics of constipation and diarrhea, exploring their connections to genetic and personality factors. Our discussion demystifies the differences between IBS and IBD, shedding light on the emotional and psychological toll these conditions can take. Through personal stories and professional expertise, Josh emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to health and early detection to prevent more severe issues down the line.

The conversation goes beyond symptoms, diving into the root causes of autoimmune diseases and the four main pillars crucial for diagnosis and treatment. Learn about the modern diet's alarming role in the rise of inflammatory bowel disease and the pivotal role of the gut microbiome. We also discuss practical steps for long-term gut health, from dietary changes to the benefits of therapeutic-grade supplements. Join us for a comprehensive guide to achieving gut stability and overall well-being. Don't miss this enriching episode — it's packed with practical advice and life-changing insights.

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